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    Confidex Heatwave Ultra 7xm+ ETSI

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    RFID tag able to withstand prolonged cycles of exposure to high temperatures (up to 235°C for 5 hours). The ETSI version is for the European market.


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    The Heatwave Ultra RFID Tag is a new flagship model of the Confidex family of products resistant to extreme temperatures. The Heatwave Ultra RFID Tag is designed to withstand an extended amount of high temperature cycles over its lifetime. This durability allows for applications such as skid or container tracking during production processes characterized by high temperatures.


    86 x 26 x 8,5 mm / 3.4 x 1 x 0.33 in

    Operating temperature

    -35°C to +85°C / -31°F to +185°F

    Peak temperature

    • 235°C / 455°F, tested 50 x 5h cycles
    • 220°C / 428°F, tested 150 x 2h cycles

    Autoclave sterilization

    Tested in 125°C / 0,141MPa / 30min

    IP classification


    Chemical resistance

    No physical or performance changes in:

    • 168h Salt water (salinity 10%) exposure
    • 168h Motor oil exposure
    • 168h NaOh (10%, pH 13)
    • 168h Sulfuric Acid (10%, pH 2)
    • 168h Acetone


    Data sheet

    TID (Tag Identifier)
    96 bit
    EPC (Electronic Product Code)
    448 bit
    User memory
    2 kbit
    Protection Class
    HS Code
    Country of Origin

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