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    Crosswave Neo M730
    • Crosswave Neo M730

    Crosswave Neo M730


    The Crosswave Neo RFID industrial Label offers 360° read angle. You can read it even in rapid movement and in case of non-optimal orientation.

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    The result of the latest Confidex innovation is an RFID tag that allows 360° reading even in rapid movement and without worrying about the orientation of the packages on which it is affixed.
    The new Impinj M730 chip provides very high performance and reliability.

    Physical characteristics

    • Materials: Printable matt coated paper.
    • Background adhesive: general purpose permanent adhesive
    • Dimensions: 75 x 50 x 0,2 mm

    Read range (2W ERP)

    • Up to 11 m on plastic
    • Up to 9 m on cardboard

    Read ranges are theoretical values that are calculated for non-reflective environment, in where  antennas with optimum directivity are used with maximum allowed operating power according  to  ETSI EN 302 208 (2W ERP). Different surface materials may have an effect on performance.

    Environmental resistance

    • Temperature of use: from -35°C to +70°C
    • Storage temperature: 1 year in +20°C / 50% RH (shelf life for adhesive)

    Applicable surface materials

    • Non-metallic surfaces

    For more information, please refer to the attached technical datasheet.


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